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Questions We're Often Asked...

Before they become our clients, podcasters usually ask us…

What services do you provide?

We help current and aspiring podcasters with audio editing, show producing, show recording, and podcast management. You can learn more on our Services page.

What is your experience in podcasting?

Our team is led by Aaron Hodges who spent over 10 years producing nationally broadcast radio shows and has launched, produced and hosted multiple podcasts.

Do I need any special software or hardware to work with You Lucky Dog Podcasts?

No. But we may make recommendations on hardware and/or software to help improve your show.
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Podcast Services We Offer

Audio Editing

You have a lovely voice
(we'll make sure it stays that way)


Need help setting up guest recordings? We got you.


Say goodbye to tedious metadata and hello to listeners.


Think of us like your podcast coach, here to make you better.

You Have Options

We Know We Have Competitors

And that’s not a bad thing. We all help podcasters in different ways, with different, service. In case you were wondering, here’s how we stack up.

They have an automated/online tool.

We love automation as much as the next guy (hello, cupcake ATMs!) but automated solutions can be robotic, imperfect, and lack that personal touch. When you work with You Lucky Dog Podcasts, we're invested in your show's success.

They offer more services.

We're specialists. We have kept our offerings limited to services where we can excel for our clients.

They've produced more podcasts.

We know, they have a bunch of logos on their website for podcasts. It's impressive and we love that there are services to help podcasters. You should know that for years, while they were producing podcasts, our team of producers and editors worked on shows that were broadcast to millions of listeners in North America. This isn't our first rodeo.

They have a larger staff.

We launched You Lucky Dog Podcasts in 2021. We're new to the scene but we're eager to prove ourselves and help podcasters.

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